Svyatlana Markiyanovich’s uncle: She could work as dancer abroad


“A friend has phoned and told me about the video,” Mihail Markiyanovich said. “I have not seen the video yet. Her surname was mentioned and she looked like my nice. It seems to be her.”  

Euroradio: She says she was spying for Hezbollah in the video. What could she be doing in Syria?

Mihail Markiyanovich: I have no idea. But she has been going abroad for three years already. Sometimes she mentioned Lebanon or Jordan. She said she was a dancer. She always stayed at home when she returned. She rarely talked to her relatives. Her behaviour killed my sister – Svyatlana’s mother. She had a heart attack. The problems started before she was about to go abroad. Svyatlana lived with her mother and grandmother. She is an ill-tempered person. It was fine while my father was alive; everything was in order at home. But Svyatlana started losing temper after his death although my sister was a very kind person.

Euroradio: Is Svyatlana’s father alive?

Mihail Markiyanovich: Her father lives in Homel, they divorced with her mother when Svyatlana was 3 or 4 years old. Svyatlana refused from her child not long before she had left. The child has already been adopted.

Svyatlana went abroad in the first half of summer but did not tell her anything, Zinaida Markiyanovich, grandmother, told Euroradio. Her granddaughter became accountant in Belarus and if she ever worked, it was in the trade.

The video where a girl calling herself Svyatlana Markiyanovich confessed to spying for Hezbollah appeared on YouTube on August 9. Svyatlana Markiyanovich may be a Zhodzina inhabitant. It is not clear how she reached Syria, who sent her there and why.

Partisans, Assad’s opponents, are a conglomerate of different forces. There are deserters from the Syrian army, terrorist groups connected with Al-Qaeda and gangs among them.  The Lebanese group Hezbollah supports the Syrian government.