Belarusian blogger Victar Malisheuski wins DW contest

Беларускі блогер Віктар Малішэўскі перамог у конкурсе DW

The blog made by Belarusian Victar Malisheuski – – has won the international contest of Deutsche Welle The Bobs-2016 (Best of Online Activism) in the nomination The best website or blog in Russian. The Russian website Takiye Dela took the second position.


The Belarusian blog got 5519 votes and was 1322 votes ahead of the second place.


Malisheuski comments on official mass media’s reports using numbers in his blog For instance, the average wage in Belarus has increased from 1595900 roubles to 6536100 roubles since the presidential election-2010 – or from $531 to $450.

The contest supports journalists and online activists on the Internet.