Belarus' Volha Mazuronak wins marathon despite nosebleed in Berlin

Вольга Мазуронак выйграла золата марафона, нягледзячы на моцны крывацёк з носу

Belarusian runner Volha Mazuronak won the women's marathon despite suffering from a serious nosebleed in the opening stages of the race at the 2018 European Athletics Championships in Berlin. She won in a time of two hours 26.22 minutes.

Her nose started bleeding some 30 minutes into the race but she managed to contain it while keeping her speed, using napkins to soak the blood. At some moments, she looked like she was about to withdraw but continued the race.

With less than one mile to go, Mazuronak nearly went the wrong way but advanced forward outrunning France's Clemence Calvin who finished second.

Other Belarusians also performed decently during the race, with Maryna Damantsevich finshing 4th, Anastasia Ivanova 5th and Nina Slavina 12th.