Belarus political prisoner on 'dry' hunger strike for fifteen days

Mikalai Autukhovich / Photo from Sviatlana Bohush Facebook page
Mikalai Autukhovich / Photo from Sviatlana Bohush Facebook page

Mikalai Autukhovich is trying to obtain permission for correspondence, being on a dry hunger strike. The prisoner has stopped receiving letters from his 83-year-old mother, Viasna human rights activists write.

Autukhovich is kept in Hrodna prison #1. His trial is also held there. 

Autukhovich's condition sharply deteriorated on Thursday, July 21, on the 11th day of his hunger strike. His stomach pains and pulse rate increased.

Despite this, the prison doctor allowed him to take part in the trial, while a request to be examined by an outside doctor was rejected.

"Mikalai said he could only take part if he was allowed to lie down, which was also denied. Ultimately, he was removed from the hall for arguing with the judge. The trial continues without Mikalai," Sviatlana Bohush wrote on social media.

Earlier, Bohush offered to send Mikalai still water, juices, baby fruit puree (in doy-packs), and honey (in plastic bags). These food products would help him get out of the hunger strike.

The defendants in Autukhovich's case are charged under several "terrorist" articles of the Criminal Code. During the trial, political prisoner Uladzimir Hundar was also on a hunger strike but stopped it last week.

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