19:54 Kazulin's lawyer threatened

Kazulin's lawyer Ihar Rynkevich was today approached and threatened by an unidentified man near the undeground station "East" in the capital Minsk, the lawyer told the European Radio for Belarus.
«I was walking out of the metro in order to get into a car, which was supposed to take me to the prison, where Aliaksandr Kazulin is currently serving his term.

Near the entrance, a thirtish-tear-old man cought up with me and told me the following: "Hey, lawyer. You will not reach there today" and proceeded to the metro.

I asked a metro controller whether that man entered the metro and described him. She said that he entered and was accompanied by another man; they also presented IDs of one of the security agencies," Rynkevich tolf the European Radio for Belarus.