Officials refuse to rename Lenin Library in Viciebsk

Ідэолагі адмовілі ў перайменаванні бібліятэкі імя Леніна ў гонар Скарыны

The officials in charge of ideology in Viciebsk have refused to rename the Lenin Library into Francysk Skaryna Library in response to an online petition signed by more than 1500 signatures. The appeal was published on civic activist Anton Matolka’s Facebook. The official reply said: 

"The renaming of Viciebsk Region's Vladimir Lenin Library requires a thorough study and a public opinion survey because it may result in a negative reaction. If the decision made after the study is positive, it would be better to time the renaming with some anniversary.” Ideologists know that there will be no anniversaries this year (the 500th anniversary of Belarusian printing was marked in 2017). Also, money is required to rename the library. That is why they think that the suggestion is ‘unreasonable’.

The activists may appeal the decision at the Ministry of Culture, the Chief Department of Ideology, Culture and Youth Affairs noted.