Vice PM Kachanava: Pension reform may start in 2017

Віцэ-прэм'ер Качанава: Пенсійную рэформу прапануецца пачаць у 2017 годзе

Women should retire earlier than men although their life span is longer, vice PM Natallya Kachanava said in the programme Contours on ONT.


Women work at home too, she thinks. Women’s social status of mothers and ladies of the house is also important.


The government suggested three variants of the pension age increase, the official said. It may be the age of 60 for women and 65 – for men, 60 – for women and 63 – for men or 58 – for women and 63 – for men. However, the last variant my only be the first step on the way to increasing the pension age, the vice PM thinks.


The government has suggested starting the pension reform in 2017, Kachanava said. The number of pensioners will reach its peak in 2017-2020.

The Council of Ministers has ordered to consider certain measures needed to offer more jobs in connection with the expected increase in the number of employees.