Uladzimir Kolas does not believe in single candidate from opposition

UCP leader Anatol Lyabedzka has suggested choosing a single opposition candidate for the presidential election-2015 by the end of April.

The opposition will not be able to do it, Uladzimir Kolas thinks:

Kolas: "The people it depends on are unable to do anything.  They find comfort in the hope for doing it but I do not think that it is worth it. Their credit of trust is exhausted.”

The main problem is Belarusian opposition leaders’ reluctance to work as a team, he thinks.

Kolas: “They did not want to do it when there was a single candidate and they secretly sabotaged him. They did not want it when there were many candidates and everyone was fighting for votes. There was no real unity, real team work and ability to compromise and respect partners.  There was no team! I do not think all this can disappear all of a sudden.”

Opposition leaders have not drawn any conclusion from their mistakes made at the previous elections, Kolas believes.

Photo: ucpb.org