Ukrainian refugees asked not to abuse hospitality but get work

Ukrainian refugees / AP/Scanpix
Ukrainian refugees / AP/Scanpix

The Belarusian authorities accepted Ukrainian refugees and helped them. But help costs money, so Ukrainians were offered to work, Belarusian Prime Minister Raman Halouchanka said on the TV channel Belarus 1.

The official said that in the first month of the war, there were a lot of refugees from Ukraine. Belarus received even those who had no documents. According to Halouchanka, people with poor health needed expensive treatment and medical care. According to him, they were provided with this help without compensation. 

Halouchanka assured that everyone was put in good conditions -- in healthcare centers and recreation centers, they were fed 3-4 times a day.

"It's all measured in money, all public spending. And we have developed a position that we need to offer our Ukrainian friends work. Because how can a person live without work?" explains the head of the government.

Belarusian officials offered refugees jobs in the regions where they arrived -- mainly in Homiel Region and Brest Region. Those planning to return home after some time were offered temporary jobs.

"Some wanted to wait until things settled down and then return home. We say: please, but you have to work during this time. If there are no special qualifications, there are jobs that do not require much qualification, they are in the agriculture -- one can learn in a short time, the main thing is to have a desire". The PM also said they tentatively asked the refugees "not to abuse the hospitality, too, because Belarus took them in," but that they should also feed themselves, if they are healthy people, strictly speaking. "And it worked. No one was forced, but people understand that they should not just sit there," said Halouchanka.

According to him, about 700 people found jobs during the last month.

During the hot phase of the so-called migrant crisis at the border with Poland and Lithuania, the Belarusian authorities provided refugees with accommodation. They brought food without requiring them to work.

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