Ukraine urges EU to respond to Russia's seizure of pilot Nadiya Savchenko

The military pilot is kept in the investigatory prison in the Russian city of Voronezh. The Russian side considers her a suspect in killing Russian journalists. The Russian authorities deny that they organized Nadiya Savchenko's transportation from Ukraine, claiming that she crossed the border by herself and was arrested. 

Head of Ukraine's representation in the EU Kostyantyn Yelieseyev notes that Russia's another violation of the international law norms should catalyze introduction of more severe sanctions. He urges the heads of the European Commission and the European Parliament " to give definite evaluation to the mentioned Moscow's actions and show adherence to principles in the defence of the European values." The Ukrainian diplomat hopes that the EU will actively participate in the liberation of the Ukrainian citizen, informs UNIAN.

RIA Novosti informs that the Voronezh court left Savchenko in custody till the end of August. She has the status of an accused in accessory in killing the Russian journalists in Luhansk in June. The Russian law-enforcement agencies claim that the pilot corrected the fire of the Ukrainian forces. 

Photo by UNIAN,