Twenty more people recognized as political prisoners in Belarus

Belarus continues repression against demonstrators /
Belarus continues repression against demonstrators /

The number of political prisoners in Belarus has reached 1,450, @viasna96 reports. Belarusian human rights activists recently recognized 20 people as political prisoners. They are Aksana Zaretskaya, Andrei Dzmitryieu, Ilona Zaitsava, Volha Karakina, Uladzimir Bulauski, Yauhen Liviant, Hanna Liviant, Yulia Liviant, Aliaksei Ivanou, Andrei Tryzubau, Hanna Kavaliova, Yury Ulasyuk, Mikita Drozd, Ala Novikava, Ivan Marozau, Mikhail Razuvanau, Vasil Shalkevich, Yauhen Papakul, Mikhail Kudlach, and Andrei Karpenka.

Human rights organizations consider their cases to be politically motivated and have called for their release.

The aforementioned political prisoners have been charged, detained, or even convicted under the article "Group Actions Grossly Violating Public Order". Karpenka is also a defendant in the "Slander against Lukashenka" case.

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