Syarhei Skrypnichenka’s… cards dated for 600th anniversary of Grunwald!


The collection
of cards is called “Grunwald” and corresponds to the subject-matter, thinks the
well-known musician and designer.

“I accidentally
came across a fragmentary artwork in some book, - recalls Syarhei. – The style of
the image was the European renaissance. I thought that it would be cool to make
the series. But what series could it be? Cards! You could create a whole range
of images for cards!”.

replaced the European Renaissance with the fabulous Middle Ages.
But Syarhei decided to not stick to historical details. The musician says that restorers
and historians have expressed their dislike: they said that there could not be such
a helmet or clothes in the 15th century. But he was not embarrassed because
it was an art project, not a reconstruction, and he preserved his style.

Skypnichenka’s opinion, the souvenir suits Belarusian “castle” programmes and
could interest Mir, Lida and Nyasvizh Castles as the itineraries are popular
with tourists. The idea of “Grunwald” may be continued in a series of decks:
Skrypnichenka is going to paint Renaissance, Baroque and 18th-century