Štefan Füle: Minsk knows how to achieve partner relations with EU

This was stated by EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Štefan Füle on May 28 at a meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Eastern Partnership (Euronest).

At the same time, the European institutions are looking for the ways to develop a dialogue with the authorities in Minsk under the policy of critical engagement, he said. According to BelaPAN, Füle also mentioned the initiative of the "Dialogue for modernization," established by the European Union and the civil society in Belarus.

According to the EU official, the year of 2013 will be a decisive year for the Eastern Partnership. The decisions which will be taken at the November summit in Vilnius should determine the next steps, Füle said.

Euroradio reminds that the Euronest session was held in Brussels on May 28-29. MEPs and the countries - members of the Eastern Partnership discussed several issued on agenda, including the situation in Belarus. Only members of the opposition attended the Euronest meeting on behalf of Belarus.