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Interior Minister: Belarus will set a barrier to permissiveness on Internet

Belarusian Interior Minister Ihar Shunevch. Euroradio image.

Minister of Internal Affairs Ihar Shunevich has commented on the draft decree on identification of Internet users currently proposed for public discussion. Unde the draft, users who wish to leave a comment on a website will have to register and submit their phone number. The innovation will discipline the Belarusian public, Shunevich noted in an interview with the Belarus 1 state TV channel.  

"The todays’ Internet is a zone of absolutely irresponsible behavior, statements, opinions, insults, libel where crimes and administrative violations can be committed,” the minister said. “I believe that the introduction of obligatory identification of Internet users is a right and timely solution to the problem.”

The authorization of Internet users will set a barrier to ‘permissiveness’ to some extent, Ihar Shunevich reckons.