Self-employed vendors to gather in Minsk

The meeting will begin at noon in Hotel Belarus. It is organized by Perspektyva, a national NGO that unites self-employed and small-size businesses, reports Belapan. The title of the meeting is: Entrepreneurs Choose A Civilized Market Economy.

Under President's edit No 222 to come into force on July 1, self-employed entrepreneurs are required to have certificates and documents of origin for all goods that they will bring to Belarus after that date. The list of documents required includes the mandatory receiptsand other documents that confirm the payment on the territory of another country. Entrepreneurs insist these conditions are impossible to meet as suppliers do not provide such documents.

The transitional period will be in place through March 1, 2015 when vendors are allowed to sell out their stocks without supporting documents of origin. Entrepreneurs argue that this isa temporary measure but it is not a solution.