Search in BelaPAN office

У рэдакцыі БелаПАН праходзіць ператрус

Their editorial office is being searched, journalists working for the information company BelaPAN reported on the morning of August 7.

Some journalists had already entered the office at that moment. The access to the office is blocked now. No details are available since the journalists who are inside are not answering their phones.

The search must be connected with the information security case caused by the appeal lodged by the information agency BelTA.

The Investigation Committee has commented on the appeal today.

Somebody was illegally using the paid subscription provided by BelTA, investigators said. “The administration of the publishing house ‘Belarusian Science’, BelaPAN and Media are suspected of the illegal activities,” the website of the Investigation Committee reports. editor-in-chief Maryna Zolatava, news editor Hanna Kaltyhina and BelaPAN journalist Tatstsyana Karavyankova have been detained.