Russian consul hopes Baumgertner will not spend 2 months in Belarus

He was allowed to talk to the arrested Uralkali CEO put under house arrest, the diplomat said.

Igor Koryagin: “The meeting lasted for about 20 minutes, the lawyer was present. He (Baumgertner. – Euroradio’s note) looked good, he did not complain and did not ask for anything. His parents are there.”

Igor Koryagin does not know where Baumgertner’s flat is. Policemen brought him there. The house arrest conditions are good, the diplomat said. Vladislav Baumgertner did not complain and said that it was “much better than in the detention centre”.

Igor Koryagin: “He can do sports without leaving the flat. His lawyers bring him products and his mother cooks. He may be allowed to go for a walk soon. He can watch Russian TV channels and he has access to Russian newspapers, he can get mail too.”

 If Baumgertner does not ask Russian diplomats for anything special, they will visit him in his flat only 2 months later, Koryagin said. However, he is hoping that there will be no need for another visit.

Euroradio: You will visit Baumgertner again two months later – do you think he will stay here for so long?

Igor Koryagin: “We are hoping that he won’t!”

The diplomat does not know who is paying for the food and flat – they did not talk about it. However, they discussed the Belarusian lawyers’ work. Vladislav Baumgertner is satisfied with the way they are doing their job.

The policemen who are staying in the flat with Baumgertner were not present during their conversation – it was confidential.

Photo and video: Zmitser Lukashuk