Dankvert, Baumgertner and Belarus’ $100 million loss

Belarusian mass media are busy mentioning a new ‘bad’ name – Dankvert. They did the same with Baumgertner in the past.

It may be just a coincidence – the head of the Russian Agricultural Inspectorate Sergey Dankvert did not come to Minsk to take part in ‘sausage negotiations’ on December 1 and 2. His name was mentioned many times at a meeting with the President on December 3:

"You assured me that there would be no problems. You have reached an agreement with Dankvert. Where is that agreement?” Lukashenka asked his Ministers. He could not ask Dankvert.

Sergey Dankvert continued his negotiations with Belarus in Moscow on December 4. Interestingly, the head of the Russian Agricultural Inspectorate personally negotiated with Belarusians before the meeting in Minsk. It means that he only skipped Minsk.

Belarus thinks that it has lost 100 million dollars on sausage supplies to Russia. The export of sausage and meat products to Russia reached 138 million dollars in the first 9 months of this year. By the way, the ex-CEO of Uralkali Vladislav Baumgertner and the Belarusian Potash Company were accused of causing a loss of... 100 million dollars to Belarus. It looks like Sergey Baumgertner should better conduct negotiations on his territory now.