Russian ambassador: Troops deployed a preventive measure against Ukraine

Амбасадар Расіі: Вайсковая база на Браншчыне — супраць Украіны (відэа)

The Russian military base in Klintsy, Bryansk Oblast of Russia, is a preventive measure directed against Ukraine, Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov told Euroradio at a press conference in Minsk on June 9.


"What does it have to do with Belarus? We are failing to observe Minsk agreements. Radicalism is getting stronger in Ukraine. Ultra-right forces (even more radical than the Right Sector) are appearing. I do not exclude the fact that Ukraine prefers the war. We would not like this point of view to prevail there. We need to stop it at the Russian border,” the Russian Ambassador said.

These measures are preventive, the diplomat said. Russia does not want the Ukrainian conflict to spread further. “Maybe Ukraine is weaker, but these measures are preventive,” Surikov explained.