Russia threatens with preventive nuclear strike to protect its interests

Russia may perform a preventive nuclear strike to protect its national interests and the interests of its allies.
The head of the General Staff of the Russian Army Yuri Baluevski informed about it making a speech in the Academy of Martial Arts at a conference dedicated to nuclear security on January 19, reports “Eho Moskvy”.

A Belarusian delegation headed by the country’s Minister of Defence Leanid Maltsau also took part in the conference. Making his speech at the conference, the deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affaires Syarhei Kislyak claimed that Russian could not accept the arguments of the USA that was organizing a system of anti-aircraft defence in Eastern Europe.

The Belarusian Minister of Defence Pyotr Maltsau also opposed to the creation of an American anti-aircraft defence system in Europe.