Victar Karnyaenka leaves directive board of movement "For Freedom"

The ex-deputy of Alyaksandr Milinkevich has said in a comment to Euroradio that his arguments have not been considered when taking decisions recently, and he does not want to bear responsibility for somebody else's decisions.

Karnyaenka: "I think that today, when there is such a social and economic situation in the country, when people estimate the authorities differently and are looking for the alternative, all responsible people and structures (we cannot say that Milinkevich is a civil activist but not a politician - he ran for President) should work with people, and not to do some educational expertises for the very far perspective".

Karnyaenka says that he will continue his activity in the United Civil Party which he never left. Alongside with that, he notes that he sees no sustainable political structure in today's Belarus, which would be able to influence the political situation by itself. He sees the way out in consolidation of political forces.