Svyatlana Vinahradava: My husband filed no requests for pardon


Euroradio: How did you find out that your husband would be released today?

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Vinahradava: “At first, I read in the Internet that 11 people had been pardoned. I called to the colony on the spot. At first they told me they had no lists with them at that moment and they could inform nothing about my husband. I called them again later and they told me that Vinahradau had been pardoned”.

Euroradio: Did you manage to talk to him?

Vinahradava: “No, I had no such opportunity yet. However, I hope to hear him soon”.

Euroradio: Did your husband file a request for pardon?

Vinahradava: “As far as I know, they suggested that Pavel should write such a request last Saturday, but he refused. I don't know what happened next but I am sure he filed no requests.”

Euroradio: How do you plan to meet him?

Vinahradava: “Many friends are going to meet him, me, his parents, and his relatives”.

Euroradio: You married Pavel when he was in the colony. Do you plan to celebrate this event in any way at freedom?

Vinahradava: “We wanted to go somewhere on a wedding trip but I don't know how soon it will happen. On the whole, we wanted to go to Italy”.