Lukashenka bans buying expensive cars for officials

According to BelaPAN agency, which quotes the press service of the Belarusian president, the cost of new cars for Belarusian officials should not exceed 25 thousand euro including all customs fees. Any exceptions are subject to approval by the head of the state. This rule will apply to state institutions, state legal persons, companies where the state holds more than 50% of shares , as well as agricultural enterprises with the state capital.

Those who break the rules will have to pay a fine from 600 to 1000 baseline rates, currently from 60 to 100 million Belarusian rubles (approximately 5,3 to 8,9 thousand euro). 

The Decree introduces some other limitations as well. Legal persons will be allowed to buy a new car with no outstanding debts for salaries, energy supplies, or budgetary payments over the past three months. 

The Decree will сome into force on April 12th. 

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