Interior Minister: Reforms will be conducted under operative situation

The Interior Minister did not specify which subdivisions of the law-enforcement agencies will be cut in numbers first either. He only assured that the reforms had already started. The Minister said this answering the question during the hotline in the Soviet Byelorussia editor's office.

Ihar Shunevich: "Any reform, current or future, is aimed at improvement of our work and will correspond to the challenges and threats that exist today".

The state leader held a consultative session on reforming the Ministry of the Internal Affairs on November 15, 2012. During the session, Alyaksandr Lukashenka stated that the aim of reforms was not "drastic breakage of the institution, but constructive improvement of its work". He offered to get rid of "extra" subdivisions in the internal troops, traffic police and to increase the authority of a district police officer.