Graffiti demanding to release political prisoners appear in Minsk streets

Graffiti paintings with images and signs, which reflect the civil and political situation in Belarus after the presidential election, appeared in the center of Minsk late at night on February 28. This is an original form of the “Young Front” activists’ protest against imprisonment of our leader Zmitser Dashkevich and the activists of the organization Ales Kirkevich, Edward Lobau, Uladzimir Yaromenak, as well as against the criminal harassment of Nasta Palazhanka and a number of youth activists. 

Walls of residential buildings, fences and enclosure walls in the center of the capital were decorated with the images of handcuffed hands, palms behind the barbed wire, grated windows, and signs saying “Freedom for Dashkevich!”, “Belarus is not a Prison!”, “Homeland? Freedom?”, as well as the list of imprisoned “Young Front” members with a sign “We are waiting for you at liberty”, informs the "Young Front" press-center.