Ex-political prisoners’ way of life

and cannot find a job.

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“Dec.19” prisoners pardoned by Alyaksandr Lukashenka are getting back to the usual way of life. Syarhei Kazakou seems to be successful. The guy gave the first concert with his band SKRIZHALI after six months of imprisonment on October 2.

Syarhei Kazakou: “We gave a concert and it was excellent! I did not expect to be able to play so well after such a long break. The guys from the band and the viewers were happy. To cut it short, I understood what I had been dreaming about and what I had lacked so much”.

Syarhei was lucky to get a job: he was welcomed at the same warehouse he had been led out of by policemen  in the presence of his colleagues half a year ago.

Syarhei Kazakou: “I received a warm welcome. It seems that people understand very well what is going on in the country. I pack fruits”.

Uladzimir Loban released two weeks ago is also sure that he will find a job. The only thing that troubles him is the fact that he does not understand why the Belarusian court sentenced him to three years of imprisonment.

Uladzimir Loban: “I am worried about the fact that many people did not even understand why it was done. Some people do not even want to think about it. They avoid conversations…  We should struggle. But people are very intimidated”.
Ex-presidential candidate Dzmitry Us is making a crouch start to go back to his usual lifestyle. He has already announced that he intends to take part in the parliamentary campaign in 2012. He will remain the director of the publishing house “Trivium” he headed before the arrest.

The most mysterious of the pardoned “Dec.19” convicts, “informer” Uladzimir Hamichenka, is said to have found a job too. At least, he told it to his aunt Ala Barysauna when he came to her place … to borrow money!

Ala Barysauna, Uladzimir Hamichenka’s aunt: “He dropped in. He apologized to me and knelt. But he came to ask me for money, that was the most important thing… By the way, he said that he would settle in that flat of his. I told him: “Vova, if you chose the right way, they will help you! I do not know what resources they will use, but you will have central heating and water supply. I will help you, I will give you some things, a blanket, a pillow and curtains… I will give you everything. Just live your life peacefully!”.

However, when Ala Barysauna met her nephew again, he pretended not to recognize her. It happened in the street during the celebration of Slutsk Day.

Aleh Hnedchyk is not that successful. He was a builder before the imprisonment. However, he was fired right after the amnesty:

Aleh Hnedchyk: “It is very difficult. I was fired as soon as I came there. They said: “We do not want to get involved with you”, - and that was it… I’m looking for a job now – but no one wants to hire me. As soon as I show my passport, they look through it and… it is very difficult”.
The ex-prisoner does not receive any social adaptation assistance from the state. On the other hand, policemen have visited him several times. They wanted to warn him just in case.

Former BSU student Ales Kirkevich is not embarrassed by the lack of jobs: he is going to devote himself to literary activities and “political adventures”:

Ales Kirkevich: “I will get higher education. However, I am not going to return to the faculty of history, I do not want to be trapped by the state again. I will finish my studies by correspondence abroad”.

In the picture: Ales Kіrkevіch.

Photo by: Euroradio.