Czech court refuses to extradite Mikhalevich

The hearings took place on October 13 in the city court of Prague. There was no official representative of Belarus - Czech Republic's public prosecution represented the interests of the official Minsk.

Mikhalevich says that the court was most interested in the material claims of the Belarusian side. The political refugee says that there were sums with many zeroes in the documents and the Czech court couldn't converse them into any familiar currency.

Let us remind you, the ex-candidate was mentioned in the Dec.19 case together with Natallia Radzina and Uladzimir Kobets, whose criminal cases were closed due to the absense of corpus delicti. Mikhalevich's case made it to the international level of consideration. In his opinion, the Belarusian authorities want to show that he really committed a crime and that the official Minsk is ready to defend this opinion in all international courts.