BPF files 2600 bails for political prisoners to public prosecutor's office

2600 bails for the political prisoners who are still in custody in the detention centers of the Interiror Ministry and KGB, have been filed to the city prosecutor's office today. The participants of this solidarity action hope to achieve change of restraint against the detainees for a non-leave obligation. The BPF Vice-Chairman Ryhor Kastusyou has reminded on air on Euroradio that bails for Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu and Iryna Khalip were filed before, and they were trasferred to house arrest soon afterwards.  

Kastusyou: "I think this will have a positive impact, as we already see some results. In any case, I think that this facilitated Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu's and Iryna Khalip's release under house arrest. I hope this will help all the others, who are still imprisoned".

Kastusyou says that bails for Nyaklyaeu and Khalip have been filed once again. According to him, the action will be continued. They have collected about 1500 bails in the regional cities, these bails are filed to the public prosecutor's office or passed to the BPF office in Minsk.