Belarus denies connections with Bakiyev's ally with Belarusian citizenship?


It became known on
September 5 that Belarusian citizen Pazyl Tashbayev was
detained in Kazakhstan back in June. He is in custody in the pre-trial
detention center in the city of Taraz. Euroradio called the Belarusian Embassy
in Astana and they replied they did not deal with Tashbayev's release.

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"We do not deal
with this issue. We saw information in the media but it did not become the
reason for us to start any activity in this regard"
, - Secretary of the Belarusian
Embassy in Astana Aleh Marozau has told Euroradio.

Paizulabek Rakhmanov

Tashbayev’s real name is
 Paizulabek Rakhmanov. He held a high position in
Kyrgyzstan during the presidency of Kurmanbek Bakiyev. Representatives of the
Interior Ministry of the country tell that they were looking for him for more
than a year.

"He is wanted on two
articles: misuse of official position and forgery. He was in search for more
than a year."

Rakhmanov faces up to 7
years with property confiscation.

Not surprisingly, he left
Kyrgyzstan after the events of April 2010. Before the revolution, he dealt with
"the state material reserve" of Kyrgyzstan. He distributed food and
equipment across the country.

Bakiyev’s former
"supply chief" was detained on  June 15 at the Kazakh-Kyrgyz
border during a joint security operation.

 However, they
couldn’t take him to Kyrgyzstan. Bakiyev's former colleague showed a Belarusian
passport in the name of Pazyl Tashbayev to the policemen.  It did not make
him free, but caused problems to the police of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Now
they are checking whether Rakhmanov became a citizen of Belarus. If the passport
is real, then Minsk may demand extradition of Rakhmanov.

"Yes. Right now that
is what we are checking. He actually had a Belarusian passport, issued in 2011,
and in another name. "

A request was sent to
Belarus soon after detention of Rakhmanov. There has been no answer yet. Not
surprisingly, when you realize what happened to the Belarusian-Kyrgyz relations
after Bakiyev’s moving to Minsk and the refusal to extradite him. According to
some reports, the former head of Kyrgyzstan got a Belarusian passport back in