Action of solidarity with political prisoners (ONLINE+PHOTO+VIDEO)

19.30 The action is nearly over. People are leaving. There were no more hot moments. Vasil Parfyankou left in a bus, which was followed by a police mini-bus. He is likely to be detained.

15 people openly participated in the action. It was apassive solidarity action. No one even attempted to take out any political prisoners' portraits.

19.20 Former political prisoner Vasil Parfyankou (in the photo - to the right, talking to Col. Yauseyeu, who ordered him to go home) headed for the metro right after a conversation with journalists. Four people in plain clothes followed him. It is unknown whether Parfyankou was detained or not. In any case, he did not come back.

19.16 The scenario of the action reminds the one on Friday to the smallest details. Mother of political prisoner Mikita Likhavid Alena Likhavid is present. She is talking to the journalists and says that even when just several people come to an action this is a victory.  

Deputy head of Minsk city administration of internal affairs Ihar Yauseyeu is watching the action. He warned Alena Likhavid that is was not allowed to talk to journalists in the Kastrychnitskaya Square. Former political prisoner Vasil Parfyankou is also there, giving an interview. No famous politicians have been noticed at the action so far.

Passers-by stop to see what is happening but do not join the action.

19.09. There are people in the Square, but they are not organized yet. "European Belarus" coordinator Maxim Vinyarski is detained (in the photo - a man with a megaphone). They caught him as soon as he appeared in the Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk.

19.00 There are no participants of the solidarity action in the Kastrychnitskaya Square yet. There are about 20 Belarusian and foreign journalists in the Square and around it. Policemen are checking backpacks of the people who are going in the direction of the Square at random.

The action of solidarity with political prisoners has been initiated by the civil campaign "European Belarus". The organizers wanted it to take place in the Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk and in the central squares of other Belarusian cities.