Action of solidarity with political prisoners (online)


The action is practically over. There have been no more detentions. Euroradio's journalist has informed that there are just several journalists and policemen in the Square now. There are also several people who were in the Square since the beginning of the action but they are not doing anything. 


There are no active participants of the solidarity action in the Kastrychnitskaya Square. Journalists also start leaving. Euroradio's journalist has informed that the policemen stay there.


Names of the detained have become known. They are former political prisoner Syarhej Kazakou, Alyaksandr Saldatsenka, Aleh Rakhouski and Aleh Rahouski. Euroradio's journalist Vital Ruhain has informed that one woman was also detained. 


The action started. In the very beginning, plain-clothed policemen detained three youngsters who tried to take out the portraits of Andrej Sannikau and Mikalaj Statkevich. People in plain clothes took one youngster to the metro, and dragged the two other guys into a blue mini0bus and drove in an unknown direction.

At present moment, there are no active participants in the Square now. Several women are talking to the police and to the journalists.


Policemen in the uniform and plain-clothed agents are patrolling the Square. A bus and two police mini-buses are parked behind the Palace of Republic. A mini-bus with darkened windows is parked in the yard behind the "Centralny" department store, BelaPAN informs.

Representatives of the law-enforcement agencies are controlling the exits from the "Kastrychnitskaya" metro station. Some of them have video-cameras and are in the Alyaksandrauski square on the other side of the avenue, in the opposite of the Kastrychnitskaya Square.