Smugglers in Poland, Belarus team up to cheat $1bn of Tax Free system

Polish customs officers strengthen control over documents on appliances transported out of the country. This way they want to limit the possibility of TaxFree fraud by Belarusians and Poles, Hrodna site reports.

Press secretary of the financial activity control in Bialystok, Isabella Glawaska, said that law enforcement officers are now investigating more than 1,500 criminal cases related to the sale and purchase of electronics. The Polish side estimates the damage caused by hackers at 3.5 billion zlotys (or about 960 million dollars).

According to the Polish customs, the locals agree with tourists from Belarus and Ukraine to buy expensive goods in Poland. Then electronics is allegedly transported from Poland using the TaxFree system. In fact, the goods remain in Poland. In the best case, it is original boxes with old cheap appliances that are sent abroad. The products are either sold again in Poland, or fraudsters buy it at a discount of 23%. The tourists also get in their own country another 23% of the goods' value - in fact, from the state.

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