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PM Rumas dissatisfied with exports

Syarhei Rumas / Euroradio

Prime Minister of Belarus Syarhei Rumas is dissatisfied with exports in January-August 2019. He has called the situation difficult and said it is not acceptable. Prime Minister has recently discussed the issues of increasing and diversifying exports with the government at a meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers.

What figures is the Prime Minister so unhappy about?

Based on the results of the eight months in 2019, exports lag behind even the last year's figures, the growth rate is 96.9%. Rumas believes that ministers, governors, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which "seriously underperforms", and heads of foreign agencies are to blame for this situation.

The share of the EEU in exports has increased, but the share of the European Union has slipped. Oil has had a great impact on the situation, especially if we talk about the European market. If we disregard the export of goods from the oil group, the growth rate is 100.9%, but, according to the Prime Minister, this "should not be a reassurance to anyone".

The tasks on export of goods are not fulfilled in 37 foreign institutions out of 57. And 15 diplomatic missions do not perform the tasks for the second year in a row. "For most of these foreign agencies, there is no substantiated explanation, as well as no response from the Foreign Ministry," PM Rumas said.

The Prime Minister also pointed out that the economy continues to slow down. According to the data for 9 months, GDP has grown by only 1%. "If there is no production, how can exports grow? These are interrelated issues. Managers should be responsible for their words and obligations," said the head of government.

A discussion where all the promises made by the heads of government agencies and enterprises at meetings in the government, with an assessment of the actions of these heads, will be analyzed is scheduled for the first decade of November.