How Belarus National Drama Theater gets ready for 100th season - in pictures

This is how the audience looks like through the eyes of the actor / Raman Pratasevich, Euroradio​

Janka Kupala National Theater will open its anniversary season on September 3. For the hundredth time actors will come to the stage. They will selflessly tell the audience the stories of life, love, feelings, and freedom. The new season will see new productions, a theatre magazine and the company touring Belarus.

But the theater is made not only by actors, but also by dozens of people who work behind the scenes. Euroradio walked along the corridors of the country's oldest theatre and looked at what's happening behind the scenes.

During the theatrical "holidays," the main hall gets closed, while the seats for the audience are covered with fabric. All for the sake of avoiding dust on the newly installed chairs.
Volha Babkova, the head of the literary and dramaturgical part of the Kupalausky Theatre, conducts the backstage tour.
Right behind the stage there is a large room where the actors are preparing to enter the stage to meet the audience.
There's also a dressing room, of course! In every theatre it is a mandatory part of the actor's preparation to enter the stage.
In addition to the main stage, there is also a chamber hall in the main building, where the audience is in close proximity to the actors and the stage.
A fake bear in the hallway? It is normal.
And in this office they create things without which the magic of the theater is almost impossible -- light projections and backgrounds.
Only a few days remain before the start of the season, so it is time to make the last touches in a small cosmetic repair.