NOC Secretary General Heorhi Katulin: There will be no “Belarusian House” in Beijing

There will be no “Belarusian House” during the Olympic Games in Beijing.
The Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee Heorhi Katulin informed ERB about it:

"We will not have a separate house. People will be accepted in the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus. Big delegations like Canada, the Russian Federation and the USA will have separate buildings. But we cannot afford it because of the expenses connected with it. That is why we will be using the Embassy”.

However, it is unclear what facilities will be offered by the Belarusian Embassy during the Olympics: working visits and meetings are still being conducted. A meeting of the NOC executive committee is planned for mid May. Membership in the delegation will be discussed there.

By the way, a restaurant “Minsk” has already opened in Beijing. Potato fritters, red-beet soup, cabbage, pickles and other Belarusian dishes can be ordered there.