Neuro Dubel cancels autograph session due to Kulinkovich’s stroke

Neuro Dubel has cancelled the autograph session appointed for April 15. It was to be held in the shop Music in Yakub Kolas Street, 39. The band leader Alyaksandr Kulinkovich has had a stroke, reports.

The band’s new album To the Marse! was presented in the club Re:Publci on April 10. The concert was delayed and the performance was not really correct. The band leader’s behaviour was not completely adequate either. However, the public welcomed the album.

He felt bad right before entering the stage, Kulinkovich told “I did not understand what was going on, I had forgotten everything and could not get where I was. I looked as if I were drunk.”

The musician said that he had drunk a little cognac before the performance but it was not enough to get him so drunk.

Doctors diagnosed a microstroke in Kulinkovich only on April 13.