Minsk Tractor Works to cut weekly work load due to crisis

As soon as in July, the Minsk Tractor Works will work just three days per week. Victor who works at the plant told Euroradio about a relevant circular from the management of the plant. Victor: "There is an official order that the plant will work three days per week in July. We are paid two thirds of the tariff rate for the idle days. These are peanut, but they say it is still possible to buy a piece of bread".

Victor says that everyone at the plant is aware that it is economically not feasable to warm up stoves in order to operate just for three days. He complaints that they would better work for one week and remain idle for one week.

Because of the crisis, the demand for tractors has dropped dramatically. There are rumors at the plant that the production line could be haulted already in August, according to Victor.

Photo: www.discovery.nemiga.info