Milinkevich refuses to take part in Congress of Pro-Democracy Forces

Aliaksandr Milinkevich has refused to take part in the Congress of Pro-Democracy Forces, because the forum is not to elect a full-fledged opposition leader. The politicians admits tha he has failed to unite the democrats. Milinkevich has compared the congress with "internal quarrels".
He wrote in his statement that the leaders of political parties are to participate in the congress in order to reject a single leader and to introduce instead the rotation principle. Each party leader will head the coalition for several months. But, Milinkevich made it clear that he was to participate in the congress only on condition that a single leader of the united opposition with full powers was to be elected.

The statement might mean that Milinkevich has resigned as the "single" leader. At the similar congress in October 2005 he was elected as the single presidential contender from the multi-party opposition coalition.