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Meeting with anonymous candidate. How state media cover local election campaign

A candidate meets voters. Photo:

A candidate for a seat on the Minsk City Council met with voters in Grammar School No 4 on Saturday, state-rune city newspaper Minsk Courier reports.

"Teachers and pupils’ parents (about 100 people) attended the meeting. The candidate addressed those present in Belarusian and asked them in what language it was better to speak since Grammar School No4 is a Belarusian-language school.

"Speak in Belarusian, please!” most of the present replied. Having studied in a Belarusian language school, the candidate has a good command of both state languages,” the newspaper wrote.

However, the article never mentioned the candidate's name. It remained a secret for readers. 

Mikita Semyanenka runs for the Minsk City Council in the Kunctauscyna constituency No34. When asked by Euroradio if it was him mentioned as a candidate in the article, Mikita replaied that it was his contender Iryna Drozd, headmistress of school No41. He has no idea why why the sate newspaper decided to keep the name and even gender of the candidate a secret.