Mass riots case: 27th suspect detained

Па справе аб "падрыхтоўцы масавых беспарадкаў" затрымалі 27-га чалавека

Historian Alyaksandr Zimnitski has become the 27th person detained for ‘the mass riots case’, Radio Liberty reports. The 25-year-old man is a graduate of the history faculty of BSU and a research assistant at the National History Museum.


Zoya, his mother, lives in the village of Hlinnaya, Dokshytsy District. Her son was detained on Tuesday, March 28, she reported. Zimnitski called her and said that his flat had been searched and his old air pistol had been confiscated.


No charges have been pronounced in ‘the mass riots case’ yet, KGB spokesperson Dzmitry Pabyarezhyn reported. Some of the detained are in KGB prison, the others are in Valadarski Street prison.

The lawyers of a number of the detained in KGB on March 29, Batskaushchyna chairperson Nina Shydlouskaya reported.