In Mahilou, door-to-door activist reported to police

When Aliaksandr Serdzukou, an activist with Belarusian Social Democratic Party in Mahilou, went out of the entrance in Mauchanskaha St 72A, he was immediately met by police officers. They said some 'vigilant' citizens had called the police when they saw him walking door-to-door to collect signatures in violation of the laws.

The police officers tried to seize the lists with signatures collected by Serdzukou but the latter refused to give them away. After the police report was drawn, Serdzukou was let go and told to wait for a summons to the police for further inquiry.

The police officers were also interested of Serdzukou had the copies of People's Referendum newspaper on him and whether he was distributing them. However, the activist had no newspapers in his possession.