Lukashenka’s oldest granddaughter – high-school graduate (photo)

Старэйшая ўнучка Лукашэнкі закончыла 11-ы клас (фота)

Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s oldest granddaughter has graduated from Minsk grammar school #16 (11A form).

The 17-year-old girl’s parents, Victar Lukashenka and his wife Liliya, came to the last school day party, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.


Victoria is planning to study at BSU, her father said. “It will depend on the results of her exams. Her profession will probably be connected with economics,” Victar Lukashenka said. They hired private tutors for all the exams Victoria is going to take, he noted.

She is trying to get a gold medal at school, the girl told journalists. There are a few other A students in her class, Vika said.