Lukashenka: Russians are asking for piece of land in Minsk, and I say "no"

Head of State spoke about the prospects of the Belarusian capital. He stressed that housing construction in Minsk is being actively reduced to avoid overpopulation.

"We want to make Minsk comfortable and we are doing everything to ensure that," said Aliaksander Lukashenka as quoted by BELTA. "Some Russians come and say, 'I wish we could get a piece of land, build something there.' I say, 'No, we are not building anything there. There is a river, a meadow - and people need to relax. This area is built up, but people should also have a place to rest. The city should be comfortable for life."

Lukashenka also raised the issue of uniform distribution of the labor force in the country. According to him, people are still trying to move to the capital. More than 2,000 people have moved to Minsk this year. 

Photo - BELTA