Left-wingers advise EP against lifting Belarus sanctions

Еўрапарламенту раяць пакінуць санкцыі супраць Мінска да парламенцкіх выбараў

European left-wingers advise preserving Belarus stations until real positive changes are made in the country. The politicians have made a list of recommendations after visiting our country. The document has been sent to specialists and social-democrats in the European Parliament.


Left-wingers from Sweden, Latvia, Poland and the Netherlands visited our country before the New Year’s Day. They met with representatives of opposition democratic parties and Belarusian MPs.

The politicians drew attention to the necessity of supporting the Belarusian opposition that demands free and fair elections. The sanctions imposed on Belarusian officials should not be lifted until real positive changes are made in Belarus, they believe.

European politicians recommend cooperating with the Belarusian opposition and urge oppositionists to unite.

They are planning to visit Belarus after the parliamentary elections to assess the situation again.


Hearings dedicated to Belarus are being held in the European Parliament this week. The future of Belarus sanctions will be decided by the end of February.