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IT company fired all workers who joined protests

The IT company, where the strike took place, fired all workers /​

The management of the Programnyie Komponenty (Software Components) company, whose employees went on strike in August, has dismissed all employees, reports quoting those dismissed.

When protests broke out, the company's management supported the strikers, but then fired the key and most active personnel. The official version of the dismissal is a violation of labor discipline. However, employees are confident that it is all about politics.

“There is only one guy remaining - a self-employed entrepreneur. He is still looking for a place for himself. When all the developers left, the company hired a tester. Now this is the only person in the company, except for directors,” said one of those fired.

Another former employee, Nadzeya, said that at a general meeting at the end of September, the company's owner said that he would close it. “However, on November 2, a new employee was hired. The administration, according to colleagues, commented on this as follows: “We are hiring normal people, without all these tricks,” Nadzeya said.

Employees of IT companies take an active part in solidarity actions. They have repeatedly formed solidarity chains near Hi-Tech Park.