Ex-Berkut fighter visits Lukashenka's residence with Minsk riot police

Ex-Berkut fighter Sergei Kiminchyzhi was among the Minsk riot policemen who visited Lukashenka's residence.

Ex-Berkut fighter Sergei Kiminchizhi was among the Minsk riot policemen, who visited Lukashenka's residence - the Palace of Independence. Now Sergei is one of the commanders of the Minsk riot police. 

In August he took part in the dispersal of protesters, and earlier he detained political activists and testified against them in court.

Sergei Kiminchizhi is 37 years old. He was born in the village of Vasilievka, Odessa region. He served in the army, and then went to serve in the Odessa-based special police force "Berkut". 

It is known that during the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine the fighters of this unit managed to break through the cordon established by social activists around the place of its deployment and get to Kyiv. They took part in the fighting on Institutskaya Street on February 20, 2014, during which many protesters were killed. 

The Novy Chas newspaper reported in detail about Kimynchizhi and other Berkut fugitives who settled in Belarus.