European Belarus: Opposition should withdraw 10 days before Election Day

"Еўрапейская Беларусь": Апазіцыі варта зняцца за 10 дзён да выбараў

The opposition should withdraw from the parliamentary election 10 days before the Election Day, coordinator of the campaign European Belarus Zmitser Bandarenka told


Most voters will not vote, Bandarenka thinks. Opposition candidates have decided to use the legal opportunities give by the election for their own purposes, he believes.

"I think that the best way to use the election for opposition candidates would be agitation against the authorities explaining their ideological alternative and withdrawing 10 days before the Election Day to avoid helping Lukashenka in his liberalization game. A protest action is a mandatory element of the campaign,” Bandarenka claimed.


Oppositionists should also keep noting that changes in Belarus require the change of power, he believes.