Parliamentary elections in Belarus 2016

The first thing Hanna Kanapackaja did in her new office was to remove the president's portrait from the wall.

Speaker of the House of Representatives of the fifth convocation Uladzimir Andreichanka has been re-elected MP.

MP Alena Anisim is yet to wear a white-red-white flag badge on her jacket as she promised right after the election.

President Lukashenka is expected to take part in the meeting with the newly elected and outgoing members of parliament.

The newly elected opposition MP shares with Euroradio her plans in the Oval Hall and says ready to press the 'contra' button.

It will happen at a joint meeting of the House of Representatives of the old and new convocation.

United Civic Party's Hanna Kanapatskaya tells Euroradio almost 13% of MPs pressed 'against' during a trial voting exercise.

It is finally interesting to discuss the election results in Belarus, activist Yury Chavusau jokes at a OSCE meet in Warsaw.

The ex-candidate is not going to complain to the CEC because a democratic representative was elected MP in her constituency.