Kanapackaja: I am ready that only one vote will be against

Hanna Kanapckaja, one of the two opposition representatives in the new parliament, has finally reached Euroradio's studio. The MP reflects on the fairness of the elections, shares her plans for the Oval Hall and doubts if she would vote against abortion ban.

Best quotes:

Although I have made it into the parliament, elections in Belarus have not become open, fair and transparent. One needs to become a politician rather than a moralist. Having weighed the positives that my MP mandate can give, I say: yes, we take it and get to work. 

Possibly, my victory was 'greased'. But I know I would have the same 50-60% if elections were fair.

I was present during the vote count at one of the polling stations in my constituency. But when I returned to the headquarters, everyone was excited to see me - some people congradulated me, some wished a good luck but at any rate I felt a huge support from all members of the United Civic Party. 

After the first and second campaigns, I and my father had problems with our businesses. I was arrested and paid fines. But for the authorities, I am a very decent and law-obeying citizen.

I know that my MP salary will be around BYN 1800 ($900). This is less than I have today.

I am ready for the situation when only one vote will be contra during the vote in parliament and everyone will know whose vote it is.

During the voting trial exercise, we were taught how to press buttons in the Oval Hall. They asked to press the buttons "pro" and "conra". 14 people pressed the "contra" button. Everyone present was impressed, because it was for the first time that some many people were  "voting" against. 

I will not work in a parliament. I will work in the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus.

Woman has the right to make a choice and should be able to make it herself. But I will not answer you if I would vote for or against a ban on abortion.

I studied the 2017 budget draft very quickly. But I have many questions about this document.