Equipment purchased for modernization left idling

Пракуратура: Абсталяванне, закупленае для мадэрнізацыі, прастойвае

The prosecutor's office of the Hrodna region has checked how the enterprise uses the equipment under government programs.

It turned out that at 23 industrial enterprises of the region, the equipment purchased at the expense of the state budget, credit and own funds for modernization of production had not been used for a long time.

Thus, in February 2016, the prosecutor of the Masty district started a criminal case for negligence against the chief engineer of the "Promgazoborudovanie". According to BelaPAN, during the development of the reconstruction project of the chipboard shop of the of JSC "Mastoudreu" with the installation of equipment for the production of fiber boards, "the chief engineer made mistakes in the calculation of heating parameters and management of ventilation. To rectify them, the enterprise was forced to purchase and install additional ventilation in the workshop. This brought losses of 1.24 billion rubles.

In June 2012, at the "Gierke" enterprise (Voranava District), it was decided to build a feed plant. "Tech Tar" provided equipment to the agricultural enterprises for the production of animal feed for a total sum of 700.2 million rubles, which was paid by the farm at their own expense. However, construction of the feed mill has not yet been completed. Proper storage of the expensive equipment still not put into operation, has not been ensured.

In 2009, in the "Krakovka" enterprise (Ashmiany district) under the program of energy saving, the Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Energy purchased the equipment for the production of pellets from straw. Its cost was 1.03 billion rubles. It was planned to hold a reconstruction of the building for their production. However, the reconstruction has not begun. In June 2012, the production of pellets was stopped, because there was no storage for straw. Their construction is now impossible due to lack of funding. The purchased expensive equipment is actually idling.

Based on control check by, the Hrodna region prosecutor filed representation with the Hrodna region executive committee to take measures to eliminate the found violations and the causes and conditions that contribute to them.